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Books, Articles, and Media — General

"Becoming a Family Caregiver: A Search for Identity." The Jewish Week, 24 Sept. 2014. Levine, Carol.
How becoming a family caregiver can mean a gradual assumption of responsibilities or facing a catastrophic event that changes everything immediately.
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"Caregiver Video on Aphasia" Aphasia is a language disorder that affects one’s ability to communicate. Paul Koury’s family appeared on NJ PBS' One-On-One with Steve Adubato to discuss this disorder with his family. Click here

"Caregiving in the Aftermath of a Storm." Today’s Caregiver Magazine. Jul-Aug 2014.  Rosman, Janie
Emergency management experts warn that many injuries from a natural disaster happen after the event is over.  Protect yourself and your loved ones.
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"The Double Helix: When the System Fails the Intertwined Needs of Caregiver and Patient Health Affairs." HealthAffairs. Sept. 2014. Mintz, Suzanne.
How the health system should improve care for patients and family caregivers, including formally recognizing caregivers as lay members of their loved one’s care team.
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Self-Care for Caregivers: A Twelve Step Approach. Samples, Pat & Larsen, Diane.
Tangible suggestions on how to stay strong and sane while providing healthy support and love. Search online by book title.

"What does it Mean to be a Caregiver in America?" PBS NewsHour. 18 June 2014.  Shalby, Colleen.
No single description covers what it means to be a caregiver in America. To understand what long term care entails, PBS hosted a Twitter conversation with members of the ElderCare Workforce Alliance, and AARP’s aging, home and family expert, Amy Goyer.
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“When Someone Living in New Jersey Dies and You are the Executor.” January 2016. Bendixen, Susan and Chasnow, Jo-Anne.
What do you do when someone close to you dies and you are named executor/executrix in the will?  This document provides a simple introduction and removes some of the mystery from the responsibility of being an executor/executrix in New Jersey.
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"You're a Caregiver, You're a Hero, and You're Exhausted: Divorce, Illness & Life’s Uncertainties: 9 Ways to Manage."Psychology Today, The Intelligent Divorce Blog. 
7 March 2013.

Everybody gets a turn going through bad times. And, sometimes it feels like it’ll never end. 9 ways to manage.
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