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The Informed Caregiver Series

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United Way of Northern New Jersey Caregivers Coalition is proud to present a FREE educational video series designed to help family caregivers navigate the challenges of caring for a loved one who is aging, has disabilities, or mental health issues. New videos are released throughout the year. This series offers a comprehensive resource for caregivers.

The Informed Caregiver: An Education Series for Family Caregivers is made possible by grants from the Essex County Division of Senior Services and other funding partners.

Click on the links below to see individual videos and support materials.

2018 Videos

Session 27: Assistive Technology for Independence
Session 26: Improving with Age
Session 25: When Enough is Enough – How to Know When you Need Help?

2017 Videos

Session 24: Sudden Changes in Behavior: What’s Normal and What’s Not
Session 23: There is no Place Like a Safe and Accessible Home
Session 22: Dental Care

2016 Videos

Session 21: How to Avoid Burnout for Caregivers
Session 20: Asthma 101 - What You Need to Know
Session 19: Clearing the Clutter, or the Art of Letting Go
Session 18: Your Healthy Lifestyle: Caregiver Safety Tips & Techniques
Session 17: Getting Organized: Tips for Financial Caregiving
Session 16: Saying Yes to Saying No

2015 Videos

Session 15: How Your Identity Will be Stolen
Session 14: Caregiving and Communication: Getting the Results You Need
Session 13: Learn Effective Listening Skills and Watch Caregiver Relationships Shift in Surprising Ways
Session 12: How to Keep Your Loved Ones with Dementia Active and Engaged
Session 11: Services for Seniors and Family Caregivers Provided by the Essex County Division of Senior Services
Session 10: What Caregivers Need to Know about Recent Developments in Long Term Medicaid


2014 Videos

Session 9: Music and Memory
Session 8: Everything Changes when Your Special Needs Child Turns 18
Session 7: Debunking Medicaid Myths
Session 6: Hospice – The Benefits and Myths
Session 5: Veterans – Are You Getting the Benefits You Have Earned?


2013 Videos

Session 4: Pieces of the Puzzle to Keep Your Loved One at Home
Session 3: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise – The Keys to Exceptional Planning
Session 2: Caregiver's Dilemma: Are You Responding to a Demand or a Need?
Session 1: Caregiving 101 – Where to Start

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